Modern dentistry has allowed us to combine beauty and strength while filling teeth. Modern materials can give you a filling that looks like your natural tooth. Tooth-coloured (composite) fillings are made from materials that match the colour of your teeth. Composite fillings are bonded to your teeth. The bonding process helps prevent the filling from dislodging and, at the same time, seals over any exposed, sensitive areas on the tooth. Composite fillings can be shaped and polished to look very natural.

Another option for a filling is a silver amalgam filling. These fillings are not used very often, however, they can be provided if requested.

Fillings do not last forever and they need to be maintained. It is best to have regular dental visits so that your dentist or dental hygienist can assess the fillings for any cracks or wear that can occur over years of chewing. Sometimes the decay or breakage of your tooth can be so large that a filling may not be strong enough to rebuild the tooth. In that case, one of our dentists may recommend that the tooth be restored with a crown or a cap. For more information on crowns and caps, please click here.

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